Every great thing comes to an end at one point. So did the pilot edition of Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw, and in great style we might add. Out of almost 300 startups that applied to B2MC Warsaw, only yesterday the Top 3 were named and this May they will go back to Boston to compete with startups from all over the world. Isn’t that exciting?

The acceleration program known in Central and Eastern Europe as Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw was a success. There can be no doubt about it. It couldn’t have been perfect-er. Over the two boot camps that took place – first in Warsaw and later in Boston – young entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries, spent countless hours brainstorming, learning from their mentors and each other, they learnt about themselves, exchanged views and ideas, and familiarized themselves with the arcane knowledge of running a successful company and becoming better business(wo)men. Not a second was squandered, with agendas full from early morning to late evening (after hours networking amongst friends included), they will tell you they are coming back home with lots to think about, new ideas, invigorated and looking towards an even brighter future. Oh, we could go on how proud we are of them. But we won’t…

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, let us present you the Top 3 startups of the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw acceleration program – the CEE pioneers of MassChallenge:

  1. bNesis – a Polish-Ukrainian startup whose specialty is combining scoring engines, social media, payments, banking and eCommerce services, into a single platform. With bNesis on board, banks get ready to use credit application platform in which any banking customers can easily apply for a credit. In just a couple of clicks, credit applicants share their real-time financial metrics from all their accounts in banks, instead of connecting necessary systems separately.
  2. KLEAR Lending from Bulgaria is the first P2P lending platform in the CEE region competing directly with traditional, usually corporate, forms of lending. The startup created an environment connecting people who need money with people looking for higher return from their savings. And their vision is to create a safe place for people to interact with money.
  3. ShelfWise (Poland) is an instant, real-time shelf recognition software that enables companies to audit planograms execution – the way store’s products are displayed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, in only few seconds application enables companies to assess shelf share, product presence and the planogram compliance directly in the store during the sales rep’s visits. The solution can be used by FMCG companies, retailers and OTC pharma companies.

We’re not rating them – please don’t think that! They’re ex æquo the Top 3. We only put them in alphabetical order, because it was easier for us that way. Jokes aside, we can’t contain ourselves really how proud and happy we are that in May we’ll keep our fingers crossed for them during global MassChallenge semifinals. Congratulations guys! You did it! Great job and keep up the good work!

Congrats and good luck!