The Top 10 startups that came out victorious from the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw boot camp are going to Boston this very weekend. We asked them a series of questions about their startups, the technologies they’re developing, the B2MC Warsaw acceleration program, as well as expectations, fears, and hopes concerning the boot camp in Boston. First thing we learned: well, they’re fearless. They’re driven. And apparently, they’re big on networking.

The guys at ShelfWise put it in really simple terms – what they do is not work anymore, it’s a passion! The creators of the instant shelf recognition system designed for FMCG and pharma companies see machine learning and artificial intelligence as technologies of the future, and they’re bent on innovating. Of their programming team, they think very highly and one can immediately get this feeling of support going both ways. When asked why they applied for Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw, they cryptically said it was because of names. Two names in particular: MassChallenge itself and the Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship – both well recognized in these CEE parts as synonyms of startup acceleration. During the boot camp in Warsaw, they focused on networking and eye-opening discussions with mentors – now with ambition refueled and their eyes and minds open, they’re off to conquer some investors in the West. We wish them good luck!

Our friends at Klear Lending, on the other hand, say that they chose the path of innovation, because they disliked and disapproved of what they saw at work. Having come to the conclusion that customer satisfaction lies in their own hands, they quit and created a P2P product of their own, determined to revolutionize the world of private lending. This plan gave birth to a friendly and safe financial h(e)aven. You might ask why they decided to partake in Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw. The answer is simple: being based in Bulgaria and having taken advantage of its bullish economy, they feel they’re ready for a market 10 times bigger than the one they started in. And why go to Boston? Because knowledge is power and MassChallenge is the place to be if you wanna learn from the best. And there’s investors there too, of course. Good luck, guys!

Real estate is ripe for disruption. Well, haven’t we heard that oh so many times from real estate developers and advisors? Yes, we have, but have they acted on it? Nope, not really. Now you hear the very same words coming from the mouths of several young entrepreneurs-slash-startup-founders from the Czech Republic, and you know they mean business. What Spaceflow did was create an app connecting property owners and managers with tenants. Simple, you say. And yet an important and necessary innovation that makes life simpler and turns buildings into living space of the 21st century. When they came to Warsaw, they didn’t really know what to expect and what they saw and experienced exceeded their expectations. They told us “Going to Warsaw – totally worth it”. We couldn’t agree more! Then they told us they were thrilled to be going to Boston. Trust us – we’re just as thrilled!

The founders of bNesis, before they became innovators, worked in the financial sector for many years, day in and day out solving problems for corporations. One day, they discovered a new way of solving one of the problems, one no-one came up with before. And their way was simple, safe, and reliable. That’s three words for better if you ask us. So two colleagues/friends/businessmen chose to test their idea on the market and what better or easier way to do that than approach financial institutions during an acceleration program? With many a success on their résumés, they applied to B2MC Warsaw, were successful there and are now intent on being successful in Boston… Successful-ler? Something along those lines. Dmitriy, Denys – fingers crossed!

A serious answer to a serious question is what we got from Skriware when we asked them why they decided to start their business: to make 3D printing ASAP. If it’s “soon” you’re thinking, you’re wrong. What they mean is as simple as possible. But they don’t stop there. They want to make 3D printing accessible to the younger generations and to equip them with STEAM which when capitalized stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics – the skillset of the future, wouldn’t you say? Why did they apply for Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw? To understand the fears, triggers, and barriers that small entrepreneurs must face in CEE. Experienced managers were who they needed to talk to and they did. As they wish to expand globally, Boston seems like the right address to be heading to. Best of luck, fellas!

Boston is just one week away. To be honest, we can’t wait to see our friends on the stage again, pitching, discussing, brainstorming, networking, learning, and having fun at the very same time. If you’re interested in how they’ll do on the other side of the Atlantic, stay with us and we’ll keep you up to speed with Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw. Because it’s not work what we do, it’s our passion!