How does Visa benefit from cooperating with startups within Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw acceleration program? Why does such a market giant want to support the development of innovative startup solutions?

Working with startups is a very efficient way to develop Visa’s ecosystem of partners. We seek out startups with the potential to make a change, especially those offering digital transformation and fin-tech solutions. It is in these sectors that our customers need improvements and innovations the most. The ecosystem we are building together benefits consumers, financial institutions and merchants.

Through Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw we provide the most talented and innovative entrepreneurs from the CEE region with Visa’s global know-how on various aspects of business expansion – market choice, product adjustment, marketing tools, operations optimization. Our objective at the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw program is also to create an opportunity for startups to scale through our global network of contacts and relations, often translating into very large market players.

What can a startup get from taking part in B2MC Warsaw DemoDay?

To enter a new market, a startup needs to be able to sell their idea – either to new clients or investors. Events such as the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw DemoDay provide a great opportunity to present their business to a wide audience of prospective clients, investors or maybe business partners. Making your business known to these audiences might be the first step to securing a business deal.

Which startup technologies brought your attention?

We’re very impressed by the startups from the CEE region that applied for Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw program. The top finalists, whom we invited to the bootcamp, represent 25 companies from 12 countries and 5 sectors. Their technologies are often highly innovative and interesting from the business point of view. What is more, they all feel the need to go global from day one, which makes them a perfect fit for the program.

We look closely at many startup teams taking part in B2MC Warsaw program. After all, we might be looking at future unicorns. Just to mention a few:

KLEAR Lending which is the first P2P lending platform in CEE competing directly with traditional forms of lending. The startup created an environment connecting people who need money with people looking for higher returns on their savings.

DOV-E’s technology is also very interesting. It provides wireless connectivity between any consumer’s mobile wallet and any speaker, enabling proximity mobile engagement & mobile authentication (P2P or P2B) using commonly available speakers. Their mobile authentication solution frees the wallet from 3rd parties’ dependencies, therefore allowing it to increase its revenues as well as keeping its end-consumer data.