Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw has announced a list of 25 startups from the CEE region that have qualified for the pilot edition of the program. The program is dedicated to companies from Central and Eastern Europe as part of one of the largest startup accelerators worldwide – MassChallenge.

The objective of the program is to support the best startups from Central and Eastern Europe region and beyond in developing their business and scaling into foreign markets. Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw started its operation in Warsaw on the initiative of the Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship and PKO Bank Polski – the largest bank in the CEE region. Partners of the program include also: Visa – the global leader of digital payments and PGE – the leader of the energy market in Poland.

The two-month recruitment for the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw program ended on November 6th. In total, nearly 300 startups from 26 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East entered the project.
The submitted applications were evaluated by a team of international mentors and acceleration experts, as well as representatives of the program partners.
Selected 25 startups, who were invited to participate in the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw program, ultimately come from 12 countries, including Poland, Israel, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Belarus. Such a large diversity of the countries of origin and backgrounds of the companies admitted to the program confirm the ambitions and real potential hidden in innovative entrepreneurs coming from this part of Europe.

– What impressed us the most in the CEE startups were their global ambitions – claims Kara Shurmantine, the Senior Director of Global Partnership at MassChallenge – They feel the need for continuous development and expansion into new markets from the very beginning of their existence. It is precisely this ambition that makes them ideally suited to the requirements we have for the participants of the MassChallenge accelerator.
Thanks to the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw, the best 25 startups from CEE will be able to take advantage of the advice of local and global experts and mentors as part of two 4-day workshops in Warsaw and Boston, as well as to gain access to a wide network of entrepreneurs and investors cooperating with MassChallenge, the world’s leading startup accelerator. The startups, whose solutions will be of interest to the program partners, will have a realistic prospect of gaining new customers and quick and safe investments.

The finalists qualified to the program offer solutions used in number of sectors, including Fin-tech and High-tech. – Among the startups qualified to participate in the program, we will find an extremely wide range of solutions and technologies offered – explains Joanna Misiewicz from Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw – They improve cash flow in the banking sector, create innovative educational platforms or conduct behavioral analysis of children with autism, supporting their therapy. – she adds.

The list of startups qualified for the Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw program:

ShelfWise is an instant, real-time shelf recognition software that enables companies to audit planograms execution – the way store’s products are displayed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, in only few seconds application enables companies to assess shelf share, product presence and the planogram compliance directly in the store during the sales rep’s visits. The solution can be used by FMCG companies, retailers and OTC pharma companies.

KLEAR Lending is the first P2P lending platform in CEE competing directly with traditional forms of lending. The startup created an environment connecting people who need money with people looking for higher return from their savings. Their vision is to create a safe place for people to interact with money.

DOV-E’s technology provides wireless connectivity between any consumer’s mobile wallet and any speaker, enabling proximity mobile engagement & mobile authentication (P2P or P2B) using commonly available speakers. Their mobile authentication solution frees the wallet from 3rd parties dependencies, therefore allowing it to increase its revenues as well as keeping its end-consumer data.

Edurio helps school systems and policy makers continuously monitor education quality in their schools in a way that goes beyond academic performance. Using stakeholder feedback surveys to collect non-academic data such as school climate, culture and student perception, Edurio helps education leaders make data-driven decisions and manage strategic school improvement.

FunSave converts today’s kids to tomorrow’s banking customers before it’s too late. The company provides a complex B2B solution to banks that supports onboarding Gen Z & Gen Alpha youngsters to the banking world by turning serious and boring financials into entertainment. The solution combines a mobile app adopting to the user’s actual age, with IoT hardware components (smart bracelets, smart watches, smart coin boxes, etc.).

bNesis combines scoring engines, social media, payments, banking and eCommerce services, into a single platform. With bNesis, banks get ready to use credit application platform in which any banking customers can easily apply for a credit. In several clicks, credit applicants share their real-time financial metrics from all their accounts in banks, instead of connecting necessary systems separately.

CertChain – Blockchain Certification Network, is the first global decentralized platform where anyone can track the full cycle of quality confirmation process of any product or a service.

Funtronic is a company established by a team of engineers whose passion is to create financially available teaching tools that facilitate the work of teachers and help students in active participation in lessons at all levels of education. Technology created by Funtronic supports education, rehabilitation and fun.

Smart Technology Group developed readers that combine all key IoT technologies in one device (RFID, Beacon, WiFi, ZigBee, and GSM/GPRS). Their devices make detection faultless, faster and chipper – with smart RFID they can detect hundreds of items within few seconds, from long distance and during movement.

Wowworks provides “Uber-like-platform” that matches facility maintenance, IT, cleaning and other operational needs with local, fully qualified contractors, improving job completion time, reducing incremental cost layers, and resulting in significant cost savings for retailers (at least 40%).

TakeTask provides tasks for businesses that have geographically dispersed labor force. Thanks to the application companies can split their tasks between their employees and different external communities (crowdsourcing), thus giving them flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in the field of human resources.

Spaceflow is a community app that enhances comfort in buildings’ environment by connecting all key participants in the building environment such as landlords, tenants, visitors and local vendors. Amenities, services, community life – simply everything people use in buildings, are all in one app.

Talk-A-Bot is the enterprise chatbot provider. They developed a universal framework natively supporting 50+ languages and all popular chat platforms. Their unique bots are built from over 30 integratable function modules and leverage the chatbot marketing know-how built from tens of millions of conversations.

IC Solutions provides a digital pen technology that allows documents to be simultaneously created in both written and electronic form. IC pen automatically digitizes handwriting and allows immediate processing of forms – it enables the data to be stored in the pen’s internal memory and transferred to the computer via Bluetooth or USB.

SNAPS redefines fashion as we know it – the company developed products that eliminate the need of tying shoelaces. SNAPS makes putting on shoes and taking them off easy and fun for everyone.

IntelFlows offers an air pollution monitoring system for (smart) cities. Using the latest developments in sensing technologies and IoT, IntelFlows creates a hyper-localized map of air pollution in cities, by installing its sensors on public transportation. Combining this with other data sources, IntelFlows develops heatmaps, reports and recommendations on how to tackle air pollution in urban settlements.

DrOmnibus creates a digital platform based on Applied Behavioral Analysis supporting the therapy of children with Autism. The solution contains interactive therapeutic tasks that automatically adapt to the specific capabilities of each child and resources, progress tracking system and advanced features for cooperation and communication online between parents and therapists that allow therapy to be carried out both at home and in the institution.

Docsify developed a tool that helps salespeople to take right sales actions based on recipient’s behavior. It provides email, document, and website tracking as well as flexible email automation and lead scoring. As a result, their users spend their time smarter, close more deals faster and enhance their team’s productivity.

Younify makes life of banks’ customers easier and simpler by aggregating all of their digital paperwork in one place, storing it, sorting it and preparing so they can read, pay or sign it right from their e-banking.

Skriware has created a home&school-suited 3D printing ecosystem consisting of intuitive, originally designed 3D printers, programmable robots and an interactive e-learning platform. The company’s mission is to help its clients develop 21st century skill set by providing tools enabling to design, build and program personalized robots and drones.

SafeKiddo is a parental control service that allows parents to control how their kids use mobile devices. It was created by parents for parents to help them introduce mobile world to their kids.

Apzumi Spatial creates a set of AR tools enhanced by AI, that make industrial processes more precise and effective. The company combines the understanding of the industrial needs, experience and AR functionalities into complex but flexible solution. The most common areas for improvements include educational processes, support for assembly line workers, logistics or prototyping.

UnitDoseOne is a robotic pharmacy which prepares doses of medicines in individual sets for hospital patients and takes care of hospital drugs logistics. The system knows which medicines will be required each day, who and when placed them into the machine, who prescribed what and finally who delivered them to the patient.

StructView provides interactive 3D solutions for cities and real estate. The company develops set of innovative solutions for spatial presentation of products, buildings or even entire cities.

Feedbeo provides simple and easy to use feedback tool. The solution can be used in real time, in wide range of sectors and it’s goal is to effectively collect feedback in order to improve people, services, processes and companies.