Although only a few startups that originate in Central and Eastern Europe are making a global career, all forecasts show that their numbers will increase significantly over the next few years. The development of new technologies, progressive innovation and support from foreign investors, are conducive to pioneering undertakings.

Poland, which is considered to be a very tech-savvy and entrepreneurship friendly country, has already produced a number of global and truly successful tech startups. Together with Startup Hub Poland, we’ve rounded up 5 Top Polish startups that have already seen significant success and can become the inspiration and motivation for developing your own business. They represent different ideas, various stages of development, but all have the same goal – global success. Definitely worth getting to know them.

Get inspired by

Transactional marketing and loyalty trading tool that allows you to create or expand loyalty programs through large retail chains and small and medium enterprises. ZenCard is integrated with eService payment terminals, PKO Bank Polski’s settlement agent, which enables the technology to operate in all retail chains, shops and service outlets using eService. 

Innovative technology from Poland, which has a chance to become a new global micropayment standard, offers instant transactions between people around the world. Money saved in the mobile app on your smartphone is sent without intermediaries. The solution is based on blockchain technology, or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). 

One of the leaders of the beacon market – technology of the future. Small transmitters that send information to e.g. smartphones when a user is in the room. This way the customer, for example, in the store, can receive a message or an offer.

One of the best known Polish startups. This educational platform, known in Poland as, already has 80 million users.  Recently it has taken over its American OpenStudy competitor and has also received extensive support from foreign investors.

Created by students of Bialystok University of Technology, a small, interactive robot controlled by a mobile application teaches programming to children (even very small) through play. It is winning international prizes
and is going to store shelves in a few months.

Building a global development strategy is a real challenge, and help can be provided by accelerator programs with a strong network of international and experienced experts. We do encourage all startups ready to face the global challenge and achieve (at least) similar success to take a look at the MassChallenge acceleration program and the recruitment process, which the accelerator will launch on September 1 for startups from Central and Eastern Europe.